Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bees and Dying

by Deb at Tired Mummy
Posted on August 1, 2007

I was working out in my garden this afternoon, cutting off the dead flowers, pulling weeds, watering. It's only August first but it feels late in the year already. Last night was cold here and it was a reminder that fall isn't that far away. We have a beehive in our garage. We generally tend to ignore each other, the bees and the people but it's hard to do that sometimes. As the days start to get shorter and the nights get cooler the bees start dying. There was a bee walking in circles on the driveway today, unable to fly but still trying to get home. Eventually there will be a line of their dead bodies leading out from the hive, scattered across the sidewalk and lawn, all of them heading home in a line, dying in mid flight. It makes me sad to see so many of them dead and yet I know it is the way, all things die. Read More...

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