Friday, August 24, 2007

Lights Out

by Amywojo at Binkytown
Posted on August 23, 2007

I walked into the house, toddler whining "I wanna watch Thomas..". The (big) dog was underfoot (and legs). The wind was howling and the thunder was booming. The house was dark.

Okay, OKAY. Yes, Oliver, I see you. I'll feed you in a minute. YES little man, Thomas, I know. Just a second. Walking over to the light switch I turned the kitchen light on. YES, I know you want your binkys. One second please.

Flicker, flicker. Oh no. Don't you dare.

The lights came back on. Phew.

Then a flash of lightening. Lights out. Shit.

I call my husband. We have no power. Yeah, well, he says, I'm dodging trees as I'm driving home. Stop talking to me then, I say, just get home.

The trees are bent over. The thunder is growing louder and stronger. My son is becoming more afraid. Soon he is under a blanket, cover my head mama, he says. It's 90 degrees above the blanket and the air is literally dripping with humidity but it makes him feel safe, so I do it. I smash up next to him on the couch, letting him know I'm close. I pet his sweaty head through the blanket, telling him, shh. Everything is fine, you are safe, but I'm watching. Listening. I hear police sirens. Are those tornado sirens? I'm calculating how many steps it would take us to reach the basement. Read more...