Monday, July 16, 2007

In Search of a Smile

by Liz at Mom-101
Posted on July 16, 2007

Sage's birth announcements have finally arrived, two months to the day after the actual birth that the cards are designed to announce. You know, since they are called birth announcements and all. Now who in our circle hasn't yet heard about my youngest daughter, I don't know, but here I am in any case, applying ugly 41 cent Liberty Bell stamps (it was that or Star Wars) to the top right corner of a hundred envelopes. Etiquette dictates that This is What You Do and who am I to argue with etiquette. Besides, I need one for the page of the baby book that says "attach announcement here."

Never mind that I don't have a baby book. Minor detail. Read more...


Mom101 said...

Thanks for including this Ashley. It's not true what they say - you're not all that mean after all.

Post Collector said...

Only when my children want Tootsie Rolls for breakfast. :)