Saturday, July 21, 2007

Something about your daddy

by Shawn L. at Letters to my Daughters
Posted on July 19, 2007

Once a night, the last two weeks in a row, your wonderful daddy has fallen asleep on the floor between both of your cribs.

There is no carpet on that floor. Just hard wood. Just goldfish crumbs. Just chewable blocks.

After nearly an hour of crying at bedtime, he’s laid down on that cold floor, and waited for you two to fall asleep. He’s done it to help you, and to help me finally get a break after a long day of no breaks.

He’s done it after being gone nearly 12 hours, leaving often before you wake and arriving home just before you go to sleep. He’s done it after struggling with commuting to work so that we need only one car, and ultimately, can avoid putting you in day care. He’s done it for us. Read more...

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Thanks for the link. Glad to know of this great site, also.