Thursday, August 16, 2007

Party At My House!

by Sheri at My Minivan is Faster Than Yours
Posted on August 15, 2007

I am currently in the throws of planning Bam Bam and Crusher’s second and third birthday parties. The invitation reads as follows:

Bam Bam's turning two,
Crusher's turning three,
Their parents are too cheap
To celebrate separately

I have no interest in overindulging my kids with an exclusive birthday party for their young selves. I intend to steer clear of expensive celebrations for any and all people who have the attention span of a fleeting thought.

Alternatively, we will be throwing a party that will perfectly reflect our children's current interests.

Please join Crusher and Bam Bam as they spend the afternoon chasing their tired, old mother around the house relentlessly inquiring, "Why? Why? Why?" Any child who is satisfied with any answer given, loses. If you lose you go to the loser bracket and have to pee in an actual toilet. Losers. Winners pee in their pants. Crusher and Bam Bam are winners.

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Rhonda said...

May I just add that should you keep up this parenting style, you may have some well adjusted kids. Keep it up. Raising over indulged little brats is the norm here in Connecticut. (no offense to any of you Yankee readers raising over-indulged CT brats).