Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ovagirl’s Tips for Helping You and Your Baby Sleep.

by Ovagirl at L'eggs Up And Laughing
Posted on July 4, 2007

#32 Try Putting A Toy In Baby’s Cot For Him To Find In The Morning.

Somewhere near the crack of dawn when you are desperate for just ten minutes more sleep and you can hear that your baby is starting to wake, it may occur to you to sneak into baby’s room and lob a couple of toys over the side of the cot without being seen, thus cunningly distracting him and providing potentially even half an hour
of quiet amusement while you sneak back to bed.

This is not a good idea.


Trevor said...

Hey Ashley

What about 'daddy blogs?' There's even fewer of us...


The Collector said...

Hmmm...maybe should it be parenting blog round up? I see your point...