Monday, July 2, 2007

What This Blog is For

I only recently entered the blogging world--very recently. As in 2 months ago. But I quickly learned that 1. There are a WHOLE lot o' blogs out there and 2. A WHOLE lot of them are "mommy" blogs.

While browsing these sites, I've noticed that some bloggers feel, well, sheepish about being mommy bloggers. Maybe it's because they are joining a club that is already very, very full and they're not sure they have anything worthy to add, or maybe they are feeling that insidious "motherhood is stealing my identity" anxiety. But I also discovered that I love reading mommy blogs. There are thousands of voices out there telling witty, poignant, honest, and insightful stories about their lives and families, and their work is nothing to feel sheepish about.

Over the past few weeks, I have felt inspired to showcase the best of these stories. I created this blog as place to do that. I hope to post daily, but we all know how life (and those damn pesky children) tend to get in the way of such aspirations.

You can help by submitting, via comments or email, mommy blogs that you love--even your own. And if you come across posts that stand out, send those my way, too!

I'm off to scour the internet. I'll be back soon with some good reading for you.

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